Wahsure is a leading manufacturer specialized in the cable management industry.


More than 20 years ago Wahsure was built with the idea of spreading knowledge about safe and secure cable management. They want people to stop using adhesive tape and thread for organizing their workplaces or homes. The usage of proper wire management equipment isn’t just more secure but also helps to save time and money on its maintenance. Wahsure are dedicated to deliver this message to people and continue providing new solutions for the industry. 



Nathanael have developed the brand positioning, visual identity,  and digital design for Wahsure that positions able management as the new brand concept and Wahsure as the company ready to take the world into the future. The messaging and brand voice help make the safety and improving technology user-friendly, and the branding features a distinctive custom typeface inspired by tie. The identity is reflected in the industrial design of the hardware accessories.

​Designed: Nathanael Wang

Project Type: Commercial Brand identity 

Company: Yueqing Huihua Electronic co., ltd

​Designed in Jan-May/2021

Both the Wahsure wordmark and symbol mimic the curves, twists and flow of the cable tie W's boundary – this relationship is echoed in the symbol and in the brand typeface, a high contrast geometric grotesque font family, which shares typographic similarities to the branding identity. A series of icons were also created, these feature a loop or overlapping lines, echoing the Wahsure's logo and the cable tie W's boundary curves. 


The brand assets always appear in the friendly colour palette consisting of two core colours, which are a combination of human, with a more serious and industrial feel conveyed by the petrol blue.


The identity’s look and feel extends to the new branding accessories, which features the Wahsure cable tie W's boundary as an front layer that sits behind all content. Together with the elements of the brand identity, this layer expresses the complexity of the work that Wahsure does in a Professional, Accurate, but secure way – representing the products that is sitting at the heart of Wahsure retail.

“I want people to understand the importance of secure and safe cable management”


                           – founder of Wahsure in 1997


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Nathanael Wang | Graphic Designer and Book Artist

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