S T I T C H I N G    T H E    O R G A N S

The organ structure of the organ is adapted to its function. In our lifetime, they bear the joys of anger, sorrow and joy, but the organs are fragile and easily injured. When you are sick, the tears in your heart are all embarrassing when you squander. If the organs in the body are conscious, they must want to take down the "master commander" of your consciousness. When you stay up all night, you are full of energy and confusion, but you don't get sick. The organs behind you are working tirelessly. However, after all, everyone is a teammate on the ship. At the moment of hitting the iceberg, no one can survive alone.

​Book/Dressing Pad Form Sheet/100mm*100mm          Editions:1

Made in Jan/2019 


Nathanael Wang | Graphic Designer and Book Artist

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