STROBIGO’s “All-you-can-contain" philosophy has deep and solid foundations, firmly embedded in the deep technical knowledge and seasoned experience of its founder, who decided to invest his most dedicated efforts into everyone's future, to conceive a world that could give humanity a safe and useful way to progress, while maintaining a mindful and proactive care for ourfragile environment.


Founder and CEO Mike Wang approached Nathanael to help reposition Strobigo as the first tech and environmental friendly production R&D platform that enables their products to represent future trends, connect with natural community and discover opportunities to both start and progress the link between man and nature.


The Strobigo brand has nature at its heart, and Nathanael created an expressive brand symbol that embodies this. Its Infinity, cycle mark represents activity and potential, with the green double ring suggesting change and continuous growth, echoing the workplace journey of both the nature and human who was platform for its services.

​Designed: Nathanael Wang

Project Type: Commercial Brand identity 

Company: Taizhou Bright Technology Co., Ltd

​Designed in March-June/2021 

The brand symbol’s double circle proportion is abstracted to create a unique ‘infinity’ shape. The resulting dimensions naturally frame a circle natural icon, and the shape is used throughout the brand system to frame the people at the centre of the Strobigo. In a further extension of the unique Strobigo shape, a generative 3D word marks was introduced to further express the brand’s core values and ideas. The profile shapes are abstractly rendered as 3D plains with dynamic, refracting gradient colour spaces, showing the ‘profile’ with both a layered, faceted depth as well as the relationship between nature and human. 


The wordmark is based on the brand typeface Sportlight, with the sans—serifs and curves finely adjusted to match the rhythm and angles found in the double circle of the symbol. Its humanist style bridges the gap between the expressive brand symbol and the more formal graphic brand language. 

Strobigo’s primary colour palette is multiple green and earth(a barely-there pale red/blue). The complementary secondary colours are cool grey, light grey, moss, a bright Canvas yellow and a pale oragne. The extended colour palette with brighter and warmer tones adds additional flexibility.


Tone of voice also plays an integral part in Strobigo’ brand identity, helping it stand out in an already crowded marketplace and reinforcing its aim to be ‘The #1 manufacturer in the plastic containers industry’. Nathanael writing positioned Strobigo as ‘Compassionate Caregiver’, driven by love and empathy, with a mission to shift mindsets and make change happen. As well as a series of taglines and key messages, the designer also devised a set of simple but effective strategies for Strobigo to encourage businesses to build a more diverse workforce and to position itself as a positive agent of change.  Strobigo’s new brand language is supportive and inclusive, focusing on the solution rather than the problem, with a light but direct touch designed to empower and encourage.


Nathanael Wang | Graphic Designer and Book Artist

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