B  L O O D     N E T W O R K

This interactive work consists of four groups of tubes with different shapes. The Greek "Αγγειακόδίκτυο" means a network of blood vessels, and the viewer can operate these tubes by touching to observe the changes in text cover and submergence after the liquid flows. Based on the different forms of different operations, the audience can feel how the disease is getting worse step by step. At the same time, these channels also represent the patient's perspective. In the space "Alienated", those tubes were a channel for patient's emotions to connect with the audience through my art practice. I not only talk a story to the audience members to integrate their own experiences but let them use it as a way to link their personal experiences with mine.


Colorful liquid, Sands,Plastic tube/up to 8000mm*6mm*8mm

Made in April-Jun/2020


Nathanael Wang | Graphic Designer and Book Artist

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