The project uses three independent and interconnected works in the space to explore barriers to a previous communication between medicine, patients and healthy people. This project was a space composed the performance work "Εργασττρρουασθενειών", the 3D poetry "Νησιά ουλές", the interactive work "Αγγειακόδίκτυο" together. The names of these three works are all derived from the Greek language, and they are intended to pay tribute to the Hippocrates and make a significant contribution to clinical medicine. These works provide an immersive space for understanding medicine and patients. This work contains me as a patient exploring my self and existence, communicating with the public, and cooperating with interdisciplinary medical practice.


This project is based on the continuation of the concept of my previous project, which expressed the inner world of my experiences as a patient and it was instrumental in helping us move from the passive role of 'patient' to reconnect with the real world. Patients, medicine and healthy people formed an "opposite" triangle relationship with each other. In this triangular relationship, each groups vulnerable, independent and mutually reserved. Especially for patients, it is difficult to maintain this kind of relationship dialogue and try to avoid this situation. After the status of a healthy person is changed to a patient, how many people can get rid of negative emotions and talk to others? I have always believed that in this triangular relationship, doctors or medicine have ever played the most critical role. As people graduallyunderstand medicine or disease, they have eliminated their inner fears. I hope I can build a bridge between healthy people and patients, through my own experience and works, try to establish a way to communicate and understand each other.