S P I R I T    I S    A L W A Y S    I M M O R T A L

The continuation of civilization is the inheritance of the spirit of generations. As a member of mortal beings, living in the world for only a hundred years. What can you leave for the next generation?


"Life is not a short candle, but a torch that is temporarily held by us. We must burn it very brightly and then hand it over to the next generation." — George Bernard Shaw


This versatile work is based on the concept of "collecting and inheriting items". In the process of production, I strive to exquisite craftsmanship to achieve the idea of a "collection".


1. After many times of grinding and painting, the oak box achieves a mirror-like smooth effect.


2, based on three times of raw lacquer, the most traditional oriental lacquer painting process. (The top cover is 24k gold powder, and the rest is 14k.)


3. The internal neurovascular structure is entirely cast from red resin. (Pouring more than 20 layers with transparent resin). A colourful brain model made of cotton is placed inside.

4,Comes with a self-reported manual made by plaster.


This work has been formed through a large number of traditional and modern crafts. Communicate and reflect: Perhaps our flesh is a flash in the world, but our spirit, our thoughts can be passed down from generation to generation like the treasures in museums. Through this article, telling the story of our ups and downs that year.



3D sculpture/Oak wood, lacquer, Plaster, Resin, Cotten/340mm*210mm*150mm          Editions:1

Made in March-May/2019


Red: Occipital Lobe

Yellow: Parietal lobe

Blue: Frontal Lobe

Green:Temporal lobe


" The brain determined what kind of person I will be. It was also the way I perceive the real existence of the world. Everytime I thinking, the high-speed link to hundreds of millions of neutrons. The brain tells the truth of the fragrance of this flower; the juiciness of this piece of beef; the mightiness of this lion. So, no matter what I suffered, through this perception. I could prove that I was exist with this moment." 




Processing the Clay brain painting for using the colour to show the labels.

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