M A X W I S E​

Maxwise is a new brand of fine leather goods accessories produced in hand made edition. Conceived as “art with utility,” the handbags and other accessories reinterpret mundane, everyday objects in striking sculptural forms with creative details. Nathanael has designed a brand identity for the label that expresses its unique proposition.

Choosing to be Maxwise meant choosing to be different, embracing a new concept of personal style and self-realization. This decision had consequences that Maxwise were ready to take without compromise, and it soon became Maxwise's core brand mission: to explore the true essence of beauty through unconventional paths, leading to a more sustainable way for everyone to feel irreplaceable, every day.

​Designed: Nathanael Wang

Project Type: Commercial Brand identity 

Company: Wenzhou UNION Fashion CO.,LTD

​Designed in Dec2020-Feb/2021 

The brand identity and Monogram pattern captures the the element from founder himself concept with customized typography that’s both refined and gestural. For the logotype, the designers reinterpreted the classic serif typeface Futura' with contemporary elements including angled curves and radical cuts that echo forms in the handbag designs. At first glance, the logo appears elegant and polished; a closer look reveals the rigorous, idiosyncratic details. 


The designers achieved this by restoring the Monogram pattern  of the brand, first refining the logotype and then establishing consistent application of the identity across packaging, advertising and other ephemera such as pattern, shopping bags, ribbons, and corporate materials. Most importantly, the new standards focus on the most familiar––and sought-after––application of the Maxwise brand: the signature “the M and W pattern .” The designers have subtly redesigned the Monogram pattern in a way that gives the bags and boxes a more luxurious feel. 


The Maxwise logotype has been redrawn by hand to resemble a hot-metal typeface and reduced in size some 40 percent on bags and boxes, where it is foil-stamped rather than printed. The inside and outside of boxes are wrapped with a custom made paper with a luxe matte finish, so both they and the bags feel slightly thicker and smoother. The trademarked Maxwise has been updated to appear slightly warmer than the previous version.

Nathanael Wang | Graphic Designer and Book Artist

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     Designed by Nathanael Wang