KEARING is animated by a unique desire to develop, create and spread first-class fashion design marking, sewing, knitting, quilting tools and patchwork equipment, on a mission to help fashion design lovers and handicraft enthusiasts find their way to professionalism, and every professional designer and artist become their most masterful self.


Since 1995 KEARING been leveraging the unequalled quality of their extensive product range to provide domestic and international clients and partners with eco-friendly, durable and easily customizable fashion design tools, offering their 25 years of expertise and support across KEARING's global network of distributors.


Today, as a top-tier international player and provider of entirely original and professionally reliable fashion design equipment, KEARING keeps expanding its loyal audience of customers through affordable but top-quality, durable and trustworthy design tools specifically designed to inspire and nurture our customers' creativity, and provide them with the perfect way to express themselves while reaching unprecedented levels of professionalism.

​Designed: Nathanael Wang

Photography: Qiuqiu

Project Type: Commercial Brand identity

Company: Shanghai Kearing Stationery Co., Ltd

​Designed in Jan-May/2020

Nathanael has worked with Kearing on its first collection of high-end fashion design equipment.  Crafted in Shanghai China, and perfectly expressing the best aspects of informal fashion culture and craftsmanship, Nathanel designed both the stationery set and the accompanying brand identity. 


The brainchild of entrepreneur Jason Zhao, Kearing makes professional standard  fashion design equipment which is a statement in itself. Aimed at a younger demographic who are completely comfortable enjoy fashion pieces onlineand its designers, Kearing is designed to bring people together through their appetite for fashion and fine craftsmanship.


In essential consideration for Kearing was that the range was as sustainable as possible, both in the manufacturing process and with the amount of ink used during fashion design. With concerns over traditional nowaterproof materials, it was also imperative that the range was manufactured using waterproof ink materials.


The brand identity features a handcrafted san-serif word marque with a upturned line, giving a feeling of lightness and ‘joi de vivre’. This is combined with a strapline which reinforces the brand’s provenance and traditional roots. Designer also designed a monogram which takes its form from the "K" word. a"Fashion is perishable, style is forever." Nathanael's concept comes from this famous quote by the queen of fashion, Ms. Coco Chanel. In the design, this logo considers the applicability of the future, and the continuous text is like a burst of inspiration. And this logo also draws on the style of the European family coat of arms, no matter how fashion changes, the style and spirit of Kearing will last forever.


With its striking design and playful brand identity, Nathanael has created a highly aspirational and sustainable stationery brand. The perfect blend of modern approach and traditional manufacturing expertise, Kearing is sure to appeal to food lovers everywhere.

Nathanael Wang | Graphic Designer and Book Artist

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