JMnano is the world’s pioneer  eco-friendly and highly efficient sanitizers and disinfectants was born to ensure fully natural, all-embracing and incredibly durable protection for your health, your family and the environment.They are on a mission to spread the incontrovertible benefits of nanosilver technologies, ensuring total safety from germs and bacteria with next- generation non-toxic solutions, promoting a Safer Tech, for a Better You.JMnano envision a world where the most advanced nanosilver technology can create eco-friendly, incredibly safe and outstandingly efficient sanitizers and disinfectants.


Nathanael has developed a new brand identity framework for JMnano that reflects its innovation design, improved productflows and incredible natural safety. The update encompasses brand strategy and messaging, as well as a comprehensive visual language, including a new brand mark, typography and iconography. The update is the first significant change toJMnano’s brand identity since the company launched in 2006.

​Designed: Nathanael Wang

Project Type: Commercial Concept / Brand identity / Package 

Company: Shanghai Jian & Mei Industry and Trade Co., Ltd

Package Content: Sanitizers / Disinfectants

Package Format: Bottle

Package Material: Plastic

​Designed in Dec/2020-May/2021

The rebrand coincides with a period of growth and innovation at the company, which wanted to modernize its visuals to reflect its current and future capabilities and ambition.JMnano recently received 50 + invention patents, and has been valued by some estimates at around 100 millions. Usership has increased as working remotely has taken hold, and the company wanted to stand out in a growing category that includes competitors like Dettol and  lysol , as well as numerous startups. 


People obviously love the product, and JMnano wanted a brand identity that was engaging, expressive and versatile. The nano makes it easier and more fluid to find the overlap in group’s availability, to set meetings for every type of scenario. The challenge for the Nathanael was to convey this idea from a visual perspective. The framework utilizes a combination of modernist typography with geometric touches and a comprehensive visual system of fluxional shapes and colors that embrace the fluidity of Nathanael through intersection and interplay.

Nathanel first developed a new brand strategy that centers on the concept of fluency. This was chosen for its product in meaning: JMnano is about fluidity in motion and interaction. The positioning highlights the platform as refreshing and easy, with a momentum and flow that is graceful, effortless and fluently aligned, fluently versatile and fluently humanity.



The framework introduces a new brand mark and logotype that are an evolution of previous versions, with a stronger and more modern presence. The mark is a hollow nano mark that acts as a connector to be activated with other wordmarks—a visual metaphor for finding overlaps in product‘s composition, creatively coming together to make something new, and “capturing” virus. The symbol can contain an endless variety of colorful shapes and forms to suggest different situations. It is always changing and never looks the same way twice––just like the day.


The new wordmark not appears in a lowercase geometric sans like the previous logo, but with tightened spacing and a capitalized wordmarks that gives the name a sense of confidence and presence in line with the platform’s growth. The new logotype is set in Futura, a geometric sans serif with a clean, contemporary look that complements the brand’s functionality. Secondary type is set in Poppins and Arial.


The brand mark is the basic component in an expansive kit of parts that forms a holistic visual language. Containing forms within the logo is just one aspect of the system; these inner shapes may also expand outwards to form landscapes for the brand to live within. Combining shapes illustrates the idea of meeting up and finding space for interaction and gives the branding an organic visual rhythm.

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