J I U H U A    M I N E R A L    W A T E R

Jiuhua is a Chinese mineral water producer with a difference: It takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously, placing the preservation of one of our most precious natural resources at the heart of their brand identity. Alongside its ecological mandate, Jiuhua is an outspoken advocate of healthy living. My role as Creative Director was, and is, to capture the essence of that message in Jiuhua’s packaging and logo design, crafting a coherent set of packaging and logo elements that reflects the ethos of the company. 


After a series of discussions with Jiuhua’s founders and its target customers, I decided to draw on China’s natural landscape and cultural heritage for inspiration. 

​Designed: Nathanael Wang

Project Type: Commercial Concept / Brand identity / Package 

Company: Jiuhua Yinxin Water

Package Content: Mineral water

Package Format: Bottle

Package Material: Plastic

​Designed in Oct-Dec/2019 (The first phase of the brand design phase ends)

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The logo design uses stylised characters representing the word ‘Jiuhua’ in conjunction with a diamond motif, reflecting both the purity of the product and its high-end market positioning. I also incorporated the word ‘Gan’ into the design, an ancient Chinese character which, loosely translated, means to taste the sweetness of water with the tip of your tongue. I modified existing fonts to give them a more elegant, upmarket appearance.


Jiuhua Mountain, the location of the spring from which Jiuhua water is drawn, was another touchstone for the designs. Its rich variety of animal and plant life make it an intrinsic part of the brand story, and with this in mind I chose the iconic Phoenix Pine, found in Minhua Garden on Jiuhua Mountain, to represent the company. Its importance in Chinese culture was reinforced by one of China’s most famous painters, Li Keran, praising it as ‘the foremost pine in the world’. 



A profound respect for, and love of, the natural world are central themes in traditional Chinese art, poetry and literature, with the mythical Phoenix embodying the intertwined concepts of harmony and beauty. In essence, the Phoenix represents perfection in Chinese culture. Together with its connotations of immortality and longevity in the West, it eloquently summed up Jiuhua’s mission statement, its identity, and its core product.   


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