Horchen is an international brand of stationery designed to help people unleash their creative potential. Her tone of voice is confident, inspiring, and friendly. Don’t be afraid to inspire people to achieve their goals and show them how stationery can help people solve their everyday tasks: from creating a small note to signing a contract. 


Whether you are a student, an office worker, or a leading designer in an international company, there are things that are always at your fingertips. One of these things is stationery.


No matter if it's an envelope for a love note or a pen that signs multimillion-dollar contracts - each item is made with the idea to help to release your inner creative spirit. Functionality, quality, and appealing design - that's what we focus on for you to make the most value out of every product.

​Designed and Painted: Nathanael Wang

Project Type: Commercial Brand identity 

Company: Shengya Stationery 

​Designed in Mar-May/2021

When reshaping and designing the brand concept and brand vision plan, what I considered was how to reflect the brand founder’s philosophy: “Continuous learning and progress, making products with value for money, down-to-earth growth, facing future".


Nathanael created a new identity that reflects the Horchen’s innovative vision for the future while still acknowledging its amazing tradition and history. The classic paper clip consists of the inline letter "H" composed of two parallel "strings". These represent the brand's industry and the continuous learning and innovative design concepts evolved from Go.

Nathanael Wang | Graphic Designer and Book Artist

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