Elerein is one of the pioneer alternative suppliers of industrial cleaning products in United Kingdom and China. Founded at the start of trade deregulation in 1988, Elerein is an OEM, or third-party energy retailer, that offers business owner the opportunity to choose who supplies their cleaning equipment. Easy as a snap of your fingers. This is how Elerein want the cleaning process to feel. Years of development and research have been put into making this dream a reality. But simplicity doesn't mean a lack of performance. One of their key goals is to combine usability with excellent results. 


Nathanael has designed a new identity, an washing elephant for Elerein. And positions the company as a unique and innovative industrial cleaning provider. Modern, friendly and accessible, the identity is part of a comprehensive program of graphics Nathanael created for Elerein that helps educate consumers about energy and design their own solutions to save energy. 

​Designed: Nathanael Wang

Project Type: Commercial Brand identity / strategy 

Company: Kunshan Dongzhimei Electronics CO.,LTD

​Designed in March-July/2019 

The designers worked closely with Elerein to develop the identity system, which includes print collateral, marketing materials and the company website. Composed of dots in bright shades of blue and light grey, the new logo combines the shape of the elephant with the line form of an vacuum cleaner. The lines are arranged in a pattern of lighting colors, visually activating the logo to convey the idea of cleaning production. The symbol is accompanied by a wordmark set in Marketingproduct.

As a progressive company Elerein values transparency about how the cleaning industry works and makes consumer education an important part of its mission. Nathanael was initially commissioned to design the company’s identity, but the scope of the project quickly expanded to include a full range of graphic content that explains what Elerein does and how its services can benefit consumers. The line elephant of the logo are used to form icons for cleaner, nature, usage and efficiency, as well as motion graphics that playfully illustrate what cleaning does and the aims of Elerein.



Elerein introduces itself in “Welcome a Spotless Tomorrow,” a written history of the evolution of the company in the context of milestones of the cleaning industry. One of the biggest difficulties Elerein faced, in the beginning, was to change the mindset of our potential customers. Elerein had to prove that our products are not worse than imported ones. Years went by, tons of effort were put into research, development, quality control, and after-sales service and they finally could deserve customers’ trust. And one of the reasons why Elerein succeeded – is the fact they could provide the best value for money while implementing modern technologies and innovations.

Nathanael Wang | Graphic Designer and Book Artist

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