D I S E A S E    L A B O R A T O R Y

In the creation of "Alienated", I am not only a discussion of self-cognition and existence, and to convey the medical experience to communicate with the audience. Nevertheless, Part III was a performance to simulated the scene of the medical scientist in the "biological laboratory" (also the origin of the name Εργασττρρουασθενειών). Furthermore, the various test-tube books with different forms and contents have deepened the connection between the immersion of the space and the three parties (Patients, doctors and healthy people). This work focus on summarises the impact of long-term trauma and rehabilitation experience on oneself caused by science and technology. In particular, my trauma and healing are closely related to the advancement of biomedicine.


The content of each test tube is related to its corresponding disease, and I try to explain the meaning or impact of each disease with different materials. These test tubes make up the "test tube books" page. At the same time, the different structures inside the test tube are also independent and complete "disease world". Therefore, each test tube is also a miniature "disease landscape".




Test tube, resin, paint, mixed material/120mm*20mm

Made in May-July/2020

Nathanael Wang | Graphic Designer and Book Artist

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