C U B I C    W E B S I T E

Cubic is an online womenswear boutique founded in 2015 and based in central London. The firm’s designers draw their inspiration from the energy and diversity of inner-city life, producing items of clothing that are functional yet retain a classical sophistication


I was contracted to redesign Cubic’s website and held regular meetings with the company’s CEO to really understand his vision, and how he wanted the company to be perceived. Together we worked to develop a coherent on-and-offline strategy and brand identity, coming up with ideas to streamline the UX and creating the ideal online environment in which to showcase Cubic’s lines of women’s apparel.

Web ​Design: Nathanael Wang (Excluding coding)

Project Type: Commercial / Website / UI 

Company: Cubic Original 

Designed in Oct-Dec/2019

According to the brand concept, I believe that the face of the contemporary female group should be ever-changing. Different options should be provided for all women who do not want to be included. Like the ballet dancer's brisk pace, the ego in the heart of every lady is rippling. The change in dancing is also a change in her life and a colorful life that reflects her.

P r e v i o u s    B a n n e r

AW2019 and Christmas


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