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C O G N I T I O N    T O    D E C I S I O N

Artists' book on wellbeing and medicine presents a body of work created in a medium that is not as well known to the broader public or the medical humanities community. 


Artists' books are works of art that are often published in small editions or produced as one-of-a-kind objects. Even though we reference the shape or structure of the traditional book, we adopt a variety of constructions, materials and bindings that challenge conventional book formats. Rather than a mere container for ideas, artists' books integrate their formal means of realisation with their themes and invite handing, touching and interaction.


This book is similar to a "short-term Archives", which records the changes in artistic expression and thinking after my experience of a brain tumour undergoing surgery and requiring long-term recovery. Whether this change is good or bad, it has changed my artistic language and thinking direction. During this time, I have produced countless ideas, small and large, and managed to put them into practice. This traumatic process has dramatically enriched my artistic expression.

​Book/400mm*300mm          Editions: unknown

Made in Jun/2020

Nathanael Wang | Graphic Designer and Book Artist

 © Copyright 2014-2021 Nathanael Wang.  All rights reserved.

     Designed by Nathanael Wang