P R E T    A    M A N G E R     P A C K A G E

To highlight the central theme (and the product’s primary selling point) of freshly-squeezed fruit, I decided to contrast the dominant imagery of strawberries, mangosteens etc with a small cartoon-style character I created specifically for the product.


Market research indicated that the average customer was female and in her teens, which I reflected in the slightly naïve hand-drawn design of the character and the bright colour palette. The look of the packaging was deliberately unlike anything else on the market and designed to stand out on the supermarket or convenience store shelf. The Chinese characters on the packaging read Sweet, Juicy, Fresh.

​Designed and Painted: Nathanael Wang

Project Type: Commercial Concept / Brand package

Company: Pret A Manger

Package Content: Fruit juice

Package Format: Can

Package Material: Aluminum

​Designed in Aug/2019

Use the exaggerated contrast between characters and fruits, and reflect the characteristics of the product through the expression of girls.


“The wind drifted beside me, very refreshing and warm. It was like a mother's hand, stroking my cheek, soft and warm. When I walked into the small forest, I asked about the sweet fruits and raised my head. The ripe fruits did not know when I ran to my eyes. They were all lovely, and their red faces set off their happy life And happiness.” 


Nathanael Wang | Graphic Designer and Book Artist

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