Nathanael has refreshed the brand identity for one of the Chinese pioneer scooter technology companies, Ankita. The work reinvigorates the brand and optimises its performance across platforms; bringing visual continuity across geographies and business channels. 


Ankita is a pioneer in cutting-edge technologies that deliver the advance, safest and most competitive solutions to meet the people travel needs. Ankita founded in 2010, is a combination company engaged in R&D, production and sales of high-tech products At present, they have achieved a few patents and been applying for more patents including invention patents and design patents.


Nathanael worked closely with the Ankita leadership to develop a brand strategy, digtal app and refreshed visual identity that presents  Ankita as both authority and innovator. The refresh brings simplicity and clarity, with an increased emphasis on digital applications and an increasingly international audience. Despite this, it preserves and enhances the company’s illustrious, and is immediately recognisable as product itself.

​Designed: Nathanael Wang

Project Type: Commercial Brand identity / Digital UI

Company: Yongkang Yobo Industry & Trade Co. Ltd.

​Designed in March-July/2010 

The work is informed by a newly defined brand strategy, developed by Nathanael to bring coherence, clarity and flexibility to Ankita and its full suite of products and services. This is centred around a succinct brand vision that acts as a statement of purpose for the company: Pioneering the power that matters. A rich collection of brand elements has been introduced, including a refreshed badge and tagline, newly defined colour palettes, a specially commissioned custom typeface, and a new approach to icons, digtal app and motion graphics.


Redesign the iconic "A" that is synonymous with Ankita, Nathanael simplified the company’s logo by remaking the first letter wordmark. Nathanael redrew the letterforms and finessed the details of the inherently complex logotype, to render it in a bold, clear way that functions at both a large and small scale.



Ankita Pioneer is a three-weight sans-serif type family, composed of both proportional and condensed halves. It takes cues from the refined calligraphic qualities of a humanist-sans, while referencing the industrial past of sans-serif typefaces. For the proportional weights, the subtle flick of the A’s extending diagonal leg takes cues from the ‘A’ letter forms found on the product scooter.

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